Thursday, July 27, 2006

job search update

i've mentioned that I plan to change jobs.
it's a real challenge finding executive (or even managerial level positions) in rural North Carolina.

My first step was to look for regional executive recruiters. Oddly, I found almost none after two days searching the Internet. Actually about 6-12 depending on how loosely you define executive recruiter. I've called half of them so far and many are specialists not focussing on the area - quite discouraging. Instead, I'm going to have to look for nationally focussed recruiters - this might lead to what I was hoping to avoid - commuting by plane again!

On the job board side, I've registered and tried and Careerbuilder certainly seems better. However, I was shocked by the poor usability of monster. It's really not that good.

It looks like my greatest effort may go into social and business networking.


PS Any job search advice will be appreciated


2million said...

You may have mentioned this earlier - but why are you located where you are? Could you not consider working in/near one of the larger areas of NC like Charlotte or Raleigh?

makingourway said...

I'm located where I am due to my wife's job, rather than mine.
My original expectation was to commute by plane or work in a larger city within 1.5 hrs. away.

The commute can be done, though where's on one. I am looking there.

If I cannot find anything that meets our needs it's quite likely we'll consider relocating to a bigger city like Charlotte or Raleigh - we certainly miss city life.