Sunday, July 09, 2006

Frustration with coupons

I am always looking for ways to save money when grocery shopping.
This usually means I'll go to a Costco or BJs.
When I lived in a big city I was able to save tons of money in the ethnic markets - usually buying vegetables at the mexican green grocers and other markets were wonderful with meat.
Also, Aldi, a german grocery chain throughout parts of America is an excellent place to save money and offers high quality store brand products.

However, I've never ever had any luck with coupons. It seems that they are most often for standard grocery stores, which are usually more expensive than the alternative options. But, living in rural America, you really don't have much of an alternative.

I've tried the on-line coupons and they're usually not relevant.

Has anyone had any success to share?



Quo said...

I experience the same thing. I get the Sunday's paper, and if I find a coupon that I think I will use, when I get to the store, even with the coupon savings I can find a better deal.

We are blessed to have Aldi's here. I don't shop there for everything, but when I am stocking up, I use them.


young guns said...

I am going through the same thing. I have never gotten much out of the coupons. There is no way I can save over the 1.25 it takes for the paper. Most of the coupons are for things we never use or cleaning supplies (which, even with the coupons are not cheaper than store brand). I just do not get how these folks are saving so much on groceries!

makingourway said...

i really miss Aldi's - they were a fantastic way to save money on every day expenses and groceries.
Plus, there chocolate was absolutely delicious!!