Tuesday, June 13, 2006

why i no longer use our dv camcorder

I have never been happy recording video to a DV cam corder (I have a nice JVC model), connecting it by firewire and then zapping it over to my PC. The whole process has always felt time consuming and laborious.

For the better portion of a year I have owned a Canon Powershot SD 550 point and shoot.

I have been very aggressive in avoiding pulling out the camcorder. Batteries are always an issue with the JVC DV Camcorder, there hardly an issue with a Powershot.

In my laziness I began taking videos using the Powershot point and shoot - it works very well!! I'm not sure about the video resolution, but the camera itself shoots at 7.1 Megapixels.

I loaded a high speed 1 GB SD Card and was very impressed with the quality and speed in recording images. My home movies certainly don't have the quality of something done with pure DV equipment, but then again, the quality of my videography really doesn't merit high end DV equipment. It would just look poorly done.

I imagine, for many people, investing in a large SD card and using a decent point and shoot digital camera may be a better value than purchasing a dv video camera -- plus you can carry it in your pocket!!

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