Tuesday, June 06, 2006

prosper.com update $902.52 loans funded

I currently have $902.52 worth of loans funded.
I've switched from funding loans at $50 each to $100.
My average interest rate is 13.8%.

In general I'm shooting for A or AA credit grades at higher interest rates when possible. As interest rates in general are rising, I'm hoping this will diminish my exposure to increasing defaults - specifically I'm concerned about people defaulting on variable rate mortgage products and then defaulting on the rest of their debts.

About 1 out of 2 bids comes back to me as an outbid. This usually happens when the auction is oversubscribed and new participants push the interest rate down. I don't usually provide a substantial margin for this situation. Though I'm starting to do so with newer loans. Overall, being outbid is frustrating and time consuming. Here are a few lessons learned:
  1. Treat interest rate bidding like ebay, bid near the last 1/3 of the auction, hold off at the beginning to get the lay of the land.
  2. Auctions ending in 1-2 days are usually the best for me.
  3. The Savage Number's analysis tools are very helpful, but perform you own underwriting as well. Use it as a directional guide.
  4. I avoid funding anyone with current delinquent debt.
  5. I've increased my average investment to $100 per loan.
  6. My aggregate loan portfolio will probably be $10k once I'm fully funded.

I'd feel alot more comfortable with prosper if they could create a secondary market where loans or packages of loans could be resold as bonds are today. This would provide excellent liquidity as well as some unique buying opportunities.

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Anonymous said...

I'm really interested to see how you do with Prosper. I just wrote a sort of point-counterpoint on Prosper, starting with Why Prosper Will Fail and following with Why Prosper Will Succeed.

I think it's a fascinating concept and I'd like to see it do well, but I also have my reservations. Thanks for putting your experiences out here for the rest of us to look at.

makingourway said...

prosper is a wierd experience. it really needs to differentiate it's toolset for two very different users: social and investors