Monday, June 26, 2006

dealing with a delinquent loan at

I sent an e-mail to the borrower via prosper's contact system congratulating the borrower and then asking if everything was OK due to the delinquency.
The borrower appologized and indicated that a change of auto-draft account was holding up the payment. Hopefully this is the case and the payment should be made soon (it's still less than 15 days over due).

As things stand I have 13 loans outstanding with an average interest rate of 13.91%.
I placed 7 bids manually today. It was a breach of discipline, I should have only placed one, at most two and waited a few days for better loans to come up. The average interest rate was 15.13% with a balance outstanding of $608.13.

I expect to win 2 loans outright, 2 will fall through due to interest rate drops, the borrower pulling out or not enough subscribers and the other 2 I will have to rebid. It's possible if the interest rates drop enough on the rebidding, I'll move the investment to different loans.

Have a wonderful day,

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Tiredbuthappy said...

Good for you. I've been dealing with this, too. I haven't contacted any borrowers directly yet, but I did finally write to somebody's group leader. Haven't heard back.