Thursday, May 11, 2006

Worst. Job. Ever. Meme

This Meme is a pickup from fivecentnickel. You can check out his miserable experience here.

My worst job ever was when I attended college. It was a very prestigious top 10 (maybe top 20, but maybe still top 10) university. With the comfort of prestige, it was fully able to abandon reasonable, polite, humane, dignified and rational behavior. Essentially the campus was a mockery with fools and maniacs blythly running around trying to prove they were different and smarter than everyone else.

My job was to manage foreign exchange for the very substantial volume of overseas book purchases made by the library. Manage should only be used loosely as many people managed me. I merely managed ridiculous stacks of paper spit out of a computer that had no real reason for human intervention. I'm sure my job would have been meaningful in 1925, but in the late 20th c., it was ridiculous.

The most ridiculous part about the job was the overwhelming boredom. The second most tedious part was listening to the soap opera like littany or relationship misery suffered by my various co-workers. If something was wrong, they would batter their co-workers with misery. The head and the assistant head of the department were both gay and never happy with their relationships. I learned quite a bit about alternate lifestyles and far too much about their relationship unhappiness(es). It seamed that everyone was much happier being miserable. I often wondered why boss #1 didn't date boss #2. They could have shared their unhappiness together ...and been happy about it.

The funny thing is that despite their wanton ability to wretch miserably, almost all of my co-workers were nice, kind and descent people. Somehow a culture of misery, futility and complaint flourished. It's a culture I cannot thrive in our even accept. Hence my worst job, ever!

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