Tuesday, May 23, 2006

unpacking - closer to the end

Most of our house has been unpacked. We've identified things that will go into our attic (with hvac) and things that will go back into the storage facility (re-usable boxes).
We hope to bring back 5 or 6 boxes from the storage facility this week and process them at the house.

We currently have two boxes full of books, journals and clothing that need to be cataloged before going off to charity. To avoid the cost of a full appraisal, we need to make sure that none of our donations to a single charity exceeds $5k. I'm not sure we'll get that high, but we might with one or two charities. We have alot of stuff to give away.

I've reduced the number of boxes in my office from 20 to 3 1/2. I'm hoping my wife will take responsibility for two of the boxes, which leaves me with only 1 1/2. The type of items in these boxes are usually office supplies. They seldom fit well into file cabinets and my desk drawers are full. Actually it's pretty frustrating, I'm not sure what to do - somehow I think I need a chest of drawers. I've bought a CD/DVD media holder which will unload the contents of the cheap lowes two drawer chest I bought. I'm suprised by the number of CD ROMs I have. Some will go into hvac storage.

My office organization challenge is to find a place for all of the clutter placed on toop of my file cabinets and strewn along the floor:
Staplers, envelope boxes, picture hanging kits, cigars, check stock in boxes, various office supplies, spindles of blank CDs and DVDs. If I'm lucky the two drawer chest (think not big) may help with most of it, but I need to resolve this issue. I don't have enough wall space left to add anything large.

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