Monday, May 08, 2006

A positive furniture warrantee experience with Office Max

I bought several wood file cabinets from Office Max.
Recently I noticed that two had problems (after 15 months of ownership).

1. The back wall of a drawer fell out
2. The bottom right wall of the cabinet frame had cracked

It's possible that both problems happened during our recent move.

I called Office Max and invoked the repair clause on my 3 year warrantee that I had paid an extra $19.99 each.

Office Max told me they would be sending a store credit for the price of each cabinet, as the manufacturer was no longer making them. 15 months later and my money back... not a bad dead at all.

They then asked if I would consider donating the old cabinets to a local charity, if they would still be usable. I was very impressed.

Good job OfficeMax!

Have a wonderful day,


Dude said...

Wow. I purchased a bed at Mattress Giant and decided to return it after two days. They charged me a $235 return and restocking fee. The salesmen was the epitome of a high pressure used car salesman. The experience was unpleasent and I would never recommend Mattress Giant to anyone. In general, it was a terrible experience. I got the feeling that they make money by bam-boozleing people into keeping mattresses even though they are not satisfied with the product.

makingourway said...


seems like there are some companies that emphasize sales over service - I'd prefer not to buy from them. Mattress Giant falls into that category.

I would recommend buying your next mattress from costco.

I think MG's restocking fee is absurd. Have you complained to the Better Business Bureau or the IL AG?