Saturday, May 27, 2006

Home improvement projects status

The carpenter came in for a day with his assistant.

They built a lovely floor to ceiling bookcase in a empty wall space - probably about 42" wide. Well done plywood with solid wood finishings. It will really help absorb our stray books and remove pressure from the living room bookcase - we can leave the pretty books in the living room!

The carpenter also put a counter top over our wash and dryers and installed a 72" shelf, reinforced, attached to the wall studs. The shelf will hold detergents, etc....

His next task is to replace the shelves in a living room cabinet with full extension pullout drawers. We will use it as a media storage cabinet. I figure we should be able to hold 1000 - 2000 disks and DVDs. This will really help declutter and organize the house.

I haven't receive the bill yet, but I'm expecting it will be $500 - $600.

These were very bitg home improvements from a livability standpoint, but I'm not sure if we'll get the money back on resale.

Have a wonderful weekend,

PS The carpenter chages $20 per hour. Big difference from big cities!

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