Saturday, May 20, 2006

Golf, Beer and Big Bellies

I've just started learning how to play golf.

It's quite challenging and fun. It even seems like a bit of a workout - especially when you swing a club 300+ times in an afternoon!

Two things I don't understand, maybe you can help me:
  1. Why are golfers always drinking beer or liquor? Isn't this supposed to be a sport? How many people play baseball with a beer stein in one hand?
  2. Why are so many golfers fat? I imagine they have beer bellies, but why is this? Isn't golf a man's sport? Aren't manly men supposed to have muscles? I'm shocked by how many have huge guts!
  3. If I spend lots of time playing golf, will I be sacrificing other exercises that would keep me in shape?

Just curious and a bit confounded.

What do you think?

Have a great weekend,


PS There are many golfers that are not fat, so please don't think I'm insisting that all are.

1 comment:

Dude said...

Golf can be one of those games where one day you go out have a great game and believe your on the verge of becoming a real golfer.

Then you go out on another day and realize your nothing more then a scrub and a hacker at golf. (Augh!!)

That's when a beer and or a stiff drink comes in handy.