Friday, May 05, 2006

Fuel surcharges ... why we should pay extra fuel fees for sensitive products

I've been reading more articles discussing the cost of fuel and it's effect on various products we buy: airline tickets, certain fuel dependent manufactured goods, etc... and came to the realization that:

Rather than pay increased prices, I would prefer to pay a fuel surcharge.

The idea is that the cost of the product would be separated from the cost of fuel, as fuel costs are more volatile. This would allow product costs to be kept more regular (I almost said constant - but that's impossible) and fuel costs could fluctuate with current market prices.

As long as sellers posted (or notified) their total fee for a product (product plus fuel charge), it seems quite fair.

The benefit would hopefully be that manufacturer's of products pass it efficiently through to the consumer.

Maybe I'm a bit corny here, what do you think?

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