Sunday, May 14, 2006

The cost of mother's day ($1,059)

After spending, without much restraint quite a bit of time and money on Mother's day, I decided to add up exactly how much I dropped. In the end it added up to almsot $1,060!! I was amazed.

I had planned to use the holiday as an excuse to upgrade my wife's wristwatch. Although the current one is functional, it's quite plain and fairly bland for dressier occassions. My wife is very frugal and would not otherwise buy a more expensive watch, so I took the opportunity to buy her something more expensive. To some degree I feel that I've been extravagant, on the other hand I've been wanting to do it for several years.

On the same note, my wife had always wanted to buy her mother diamond ear rings. Grandma comes from humble means and wouldn't demand very expensive ear rings, so we found a nice, but inexpensive pair for her. She said she likes them, so I'm hoping I won't have to return them. I bought the earrings at BJ's Wholesale and the watch at Costco. I would have bought both at Costco, but Costco's earrings were much more expensive.

Due to our move, I had a number of refunds coming to me from our home owner's insurance policy and our heating provider. In reality, the refunds are completely unrelated to the purchases, but they did reduce the net effect of my splurge on our cash flow.

I expect that Grandma's birthday gift will be fairly inexpensive in light of her mother's day gift. For my wife, I'm not sure. We have an anniversary, her birthday and a special occassion coming up. Certainly I won't need to buy her another watch. I would like to buy her a replacement ear ring for the one that fell out of her ear - very tragic. It was fairly expensive. Somehow I don't think I should claim the replacement as an anniversary gift - grounds for execution!!

I do think I'll be a bit lighter on my wife's birthday gift in light of all the other gift's she'll be getting.

Future mother's days will probably be limited to the flower's listed above.

I'd like your thoughts, was a highly irresponsible? This is the accountability aspect of blogging. I bought my wife and her mother gifts that we had wanted to buy each of them for a long time, primarily out of windfall cash. Was this completely foolish? Did I spend too much? I know nyc money discussed this and what I bought seems less expensive than the fashion girls wear in NYC. What are your thoughts?

Have a wonderful week,


Anonymous said...

I don't think you were overly extravagant - you bought two gifts that you had been wanting to buy for a while, they were both appreciated and you had windfall cash to use.
I spent a bit more than I was intending on my mom - but I bought two tickets (one for her and one for me) to see a show that my father would never go see and plus it's time we can spend together. If she knew how much the tickets cost, she would be shocked, but I know she'll appreciate the night out.
Sometimes you have to weigh the costs with the situation and how much it will be appreciated.

Wanda said...

I'm sure you got a good deal on your gifts - and that all the moms in your life appreciate them very much!

I don't think it's a problem if you only splurge once in a while, especially for the people you love. Besides, I know you'd never put it on credit cards!

makingourway said...

mandy and wanda,
thanks for the comments and support.
we have wanted to buy my mother in law the earrings for a long time and I've wanted to upgrade my wife's watch for even longer. I'm glad we finally did it.
In retrospect, I think I should have specifically saved and budgetted for the expense over time, but otherwise I can justify it with the windfall (thought I should have saved half).
I think you can hear the guilty tones, but the savings guilt is outweighed by the giving benefit.
have a wonderful day,