Monday, April 24, 2006

Unpacking: 18 boxes left

I have 18 boxes left in my office.
They sit in an island in the center of the room, blocking my view of the enterway.
I don't like them.
But I don't know where to put the contents.

Today I unpacked the former contents of my desk.
I've decided to most of my original contents, with the exception of disks and cd-roms. I'm going to build 4 sliding drawers and use 1-2 drawers to host them.

The large deep drawer that formerly hosted my software cd-roms will become a file cabinet for current documents (all stored in files).

Resolution: Put all current documents there in files.

Now I have the use of my desk - at least partially.

The next step is to re-organize my files. The movers didn't sequence my file cabinets, so a-d is on one end of the room, etc....

Once I have this addressed I can catch up and process the endless documents that come out of a move.

Re-loading my desk consumer 2 boxes - bringing me to 18.

I hope the drawers will consume another 2-4 boxes. One box will require a file cabinet - it has my wife's documents. I'm not sure what to do with the other boxes. Maybe you can advise me? I have several boxes (3?) of comic books - it's a weakness of mine. What's the best way to store them?


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