Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Teaching my eldest son to save 5: update

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We've been saving quarters and he's been particularly interested in obtaining money in order to save up for train rides, so I think the saving concept is going well.

On Sunday we were scheduled to go to the train, but cancelled after he punched my wife. I explained to him that going to the market was a privelege that he would lose if he hit Mommy or didn't obey his parents.

One thing I did notice is that he's very interested in acquiring money. I'm going to monitor this behaviour to ensure I do not have the oppostive problem.

We did have a funny experience one morning. I asked him if he knew what we were going to do today. He said "Train!", to which I replied, "yes, but what will we do first?" "Train," he replied. "What about school," I asked? "School," he said, "no school, train!!!" Children will be children.

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