Thursday, April 13, 2006

moving - will we really save money by packing on our own?

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When we engaged our movers we let them know that we would try to pack ourselves, but might need them.

We managed to pack most of our possessions except the workshop, which the movers packed.

1/2 of our stuff has been moved.

Tomorrow, the rest will be moved.

The movers mentioned they'll need an extra man for all the furniture in the house. I wonder if that's to recapture lost packing dollars or what they really need?

If the cost of moving doesn't expand we'll have saved money, if it does who knows what will happen.

I'm curious and a bit anxious to see what happens.

What do you expect?

Will they:

a. keep to moving budget?
b. go over into the packing budget (despite our packing)?
c. go over both budgets?

The movers claim to have integrity...we'll see.

Have a wonerful Thursday,

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