Friday, April 07, 2006

Blu-Ray delayed, btw so is HD-DVD

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Here is a quick update to my prior post on blu-ray and HD-DVD.

Next generation DVD players are very imporant for one reason and important for another:

Very Important
Next generation recorders will allow large volume multi-gigabyte back-up. Apparently blu-ray will store the most data. This is critical when family photo collections, personal data, etc... can easily surpass 10 GB of disk.

Next generation recorders allow owners of hdtv sets to watch true hdtv quality recordings. This is of course important if you have a hdtv player.

In a Wall St. Journal article, Samsung just announced they will delay the release of their blu-ray DVD player until late June in order to complete testing. It will sell for $999.

For other reasons, Toshiba is delaying their release of HD-DVD players until April 18th (now here's a way to spend your tax refund). Toshiba's player should cost about $930. Toshiba's challenge is the lack of available movies in HD-DVD format. Warner home video will be the first producer.

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Anonymous said...

Toshiba players will cost $499 and $799, dude. Not $930.

makingourway said...


Thanks for the correction. I had read a similar article a while ago that mentioned the lower price points, the article announcing the delay mentioned in the $930 price point. I guess we'll see when they come out.

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