Friday, April 07, 2006

Advice needed: Moving in: Mailboxes a new expense

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I'll need a mailbox for my new house. I've never bought one before. I've run over a few by accident, but never bought one.

Does anyone have any advice or considerations.

Lowe's carries quite a few. They range in price from $18 for fairly cheap ugly ones to $80 for more expensive boxes. A few mid-priced boxes come with posts, while stand alone posts can cost up to $160.

Do I emphasize sturdy and strong or cheap and simple? The box will not be directly near my house or even within view, so it doesn't need to be beautiful.

Thanks for the advice and help.

Have a wonderful Friday,
Making Our Way


Anonymous said...

I replaced one a few years ago. I went with one that was big enough to hold magazines, since we were getting a bunch at the time. I also got one that opened on top and placed it under the overhang of the roof so the mail wouldn't get wet when it rained. If you are stuck getting one that has be be near the street - get a good one that you can cement into place. The last thing you want is to have it run over or destroyed by a baseball bat.

makingourway said...

Thanks for the great advice!

We'll need to make sure our new box can accomodate magazines. Right now we have the temporary one, but I'm looking to get a large solid one.

Have a great Sunday,