Friday, March 17, 2006

Tracking investment performance with Quicken

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Help!! Has anyone used Quicken to track their investments?

I'm finding it very frustrating. Quicken has a habit of incorporating "placeholder" data and comes up with extremely bizarre performance numbers. One of my accounts has 653% annual peformance - which would be a blessing if it were true, but it isn't.

Does anyone have any advice on how to tame Quicken and get useful investment performance information?

I'm going to research this issue and post more information on it later.


Jonathan said...

I've tried to track things with Quicken but it is just too much trouble for me, tracking dividends and splits and whatnot. I wish there was something easier online too.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog via pfblog - good content. Anyhoo, re: Quicken I had the same issue. Now I manually enter all my transactions in the register so I know the data is "clean". I'm not an active trader, so it usually only takes me a couple of minutes each month (after the first marathon data-scrubbing session, that is)

makingourway said...

Jonathan and plankton,

Thanks so much for the comments.

I usually enter my transactions into quicken by hand; i.e. each buy, sell, dividend, dividen repurchase, etc... and I still get placeholder entries.

I have a strong feeling they are tied into the timing. It's likely that most of my placeholder entries were cause by missing transactions on my part and downloaded transactions that came in out of sequence.

I suppose the proof of the pudding would be to enter a clean history for an account and see what Quicken does to it. That unfortunately would take an hour plus and will have to be put into the low priority list.

Friends, have a great Thursday,

Making Our Way