Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Time Share Returns

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It was actually very odd that the same day I wrote a post and commented on someone else's post on Time Shares there was a South Park episode on the very same topic.

I rarely watch South Park, perhaps every three or four months I catch it, so that made it even more coincidental.

The South Park episode was funny, vulgar, tasteless and completely unforgiving - I enjoyed it. The authors raised some very interesting points and poked fun at some very real issues:

  1. 30 minute preview meetings never last 30 minutes
  2. time share promoters will do their best to ensure you spend as much time as possible with their sales people rather than enjoying your free or low cost vacation.
  3. time share sales people are prepared for every possible objection you might bring up

Another interesting point, and I'm not sure how applicable it is to everyone, is that the 8 year old children became bored with the resort after the weekend was over and were very disappointed to learn they would be coming back (after their parents had been convinced to buy a time share) over and over again.

I have the distinct impression that attending a free time share sponsored holiday is the equivalent of trying drugs. You know you shouldn't and think you won't, but with the right amount of pressure, you will.

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