Friday, March 31, 2006

a new look and promised content...Networth updates

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Last night I modified the blog template, changes:

1. link to about / profile information providing more left column space
2. added networth IQ graph - I really wish it were higher quality - it would really benefit from having the vertical axis labelled.
3. I tried moving the poll into a message, but blogger chocked on the code - any html experts with advice?
4. I've joined and placed their blogroll in the right column. If you have a pfblog, consider joining. It seems quite nice.

New information available:

1. I've opened a networth IQ account and posted retroactive data there, this gets around the problems I've had with conerting excel tables to html.
2. I will post tonight or tomorrow my own networth update in addition to the networth IQ update.

Failed experiments:

1. I tried experimenting with blogflux's poll, it's not as sophisticated as blogpoll's, but is sufficient for most polls. Although it does fit inside blogger postings, it does not return to the survey once it shows the results. Maybe they can fix this. Blogflux Blogflux has a number of other very interesting tools, such as Google page ranking - it's one of the easiest to use. I recommend you check out blogflux. (Google explains how pagerank works here.) While polling is somewhat immature, the others are very nice.

Have a great Friday,
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