Monday, March 27, 2006

Money Saver: Eye glasses cleaning clothes

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Do you or your family members wear eyeglasses?
Are you always losing those tiny cleaning cloths that you get from the eye glasses store?

Frustrated with the expense of replacement cloths?

I have a great money saving idea for you!!

Costco sells 20 very large microfiber car window cleaning clothes for about $8-$10 a bag.

You'll probably need to go to the store to buy them. They are designed to clean car windows without scratching them. My family has been using them for four months and have had no problems with scratches on our glasses. I've even had a professional examine the lenses and they've been pleased. It's also a good idea to use a glasses lens cleaning solution to remove built up oil, but once you're used to clean eyeglasses it's hard to switch back.

Each cloth is very large. You can cut them and easily make 6-12 smaller eye glasses cloths to carry in your pocket, purse or wallet.

This is an immense convenience and a money saver.

Have a great Monday,
Making Our Way

PS This posting is a tribute to $2M. His great rebate ideas have inspired me to share my little money savers.


Anonymous said...

I've tried in the past to use no-scratch cloths to clean my glasses, but inevitably end up using my T-shirt, which has scratched my glasses horribly yet I'm unable to make a change in this area of my life. Something's got to give, and I've let scratched glasses be the thing that gives.

makingourway said...

Actually it was my problem with losing no-scratch specialty cloths that led me to try the costco auto glass cloths. They're so cheap and provide so many cloths you can leave them laying around everywhere!
Making Our Way