Thursday, March 30, 2006

Great financial books

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I just read a very nice list of investment books in AllFinancialMatters' blog.
He found it on Morningstar's discussion site written by Taylor Larimore, one of the Boggleheads. The discussion at AllFinancial Matters is here and the actual link to the article on Morningstar is here.

I myself have just bought 3 financial books (mostly to help me with my ETF strategy). Two of them are on Larimore's list.

Here is what I bought:

1 The Intelligent Asset allocate $18.87
1 The Four Pillars of Investing $18.87
1 A Random Walk Down Wall Stree $11.67

I bought them at Amazon and was pleased with the fairly reasonable difference between new and used prices.

There are quite a few classics in the list, but I'd like to especially recommend:

The Coffeehouse Investor by William Schultheis

It's a simple, thin, small, easy to read book that does a wonderful job explaining what you really need to know and encourages you to ignore the hype. In the end, your investments should not consume you, but enable you.

JLP, hats off to you for finding a great reading list.
Mr. Larimore, thank you for the wonderful work.

Have a great Friday,
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