Monday, March 06, 2006

first step

This is my first posting on my first blog, I hope you'll be patient while I gain my bearings.

Please refer to my profile to learn a little about me. I'm probably not too different than many other men in the latter 30s.

I have always been interested in finance and investment as well as personal finance, so it's more than likely that my favorite topics will focus on saving money, investing money and making money. I may also write about current events, but I seriously doubt I'll have anything more interesting to add than the cogent thoughts of those who specialize in these subjects.

Actually, I'd like to give credit to After reading through some of his postings I felt compelled to post my own comment. It was at that moment I created my first blogger account, profile and blog (what you're reading). Thank you 2million for introducing me to a very interesting world.

So welcome to my little space on the web....

1 comment:

2million said...

Your welcome! Congrats on getting started.

One word of caution though - its additive ;-).